Angus McEwan RSW ARWS, David Poxon RI, Denis Ryan ARWS, Sandra Walker RI

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Winsor & Newton- AOR

Denis Ryan RWS- Clear Neon, Lisbon.

Winsor & Newton have included the Art of the Real in their latest emag article. This insightful piece gives a little insight into the colours and mediums used by the AOR artists. It was noticed that we tend not to use the same colours apart from that old faithfull Burnt Sienna. This probably helps account for our very unique interpretation of similar types of subject matter. Each artist involved in the AOR has a distinct personality and style which compliment each other perfectly.

 Click the title and it will take you to the article.


  1. great writeup from W&N on the AOR artists.
    Very interesting re the colour choices too.
    Should add for interested painters re my own pallet that no colours are used straight from the tube, all tones are mixes with other colours.
    No white paint or mixer mediums are used either -all whites are reserved paper. Paper is critical -I use stretched 200lb Bockingford not surface for smaller work, and 300lb Arches for the big stuff -all stretched on heavy boards.That way the drawing does not become distorted by the numerous wash applications.

  2. The first AOR Shows are about to start. For those readers who wish to visit the exhibitions check local press for event and venue details. At Aldeburgh Thompsons Gallery Angus McEwan will be at the opening day on saturday 7th April, there are tourbooks available,
    Denis Ryan and David Poxon will be in Charleston SC at M Gallery for the opening on Friday 6th April, and in the gallery sat 6th april. Tourbooks available. If anyone wishes to go to the previews then please contact the galleries direct for invites. See you there!

  3. How are the shows going? Any chance of some photos and a small write up?

  4. visit me at thanks :D